July 19th Homeward bound… soon…

Sylvain did night duty and I admire him.  We were put in a room called the “baby room”.  This contains all the crying babies in one area.  We had the worst roomate possible.  A little baby who wore an oxygen mask and continually moaned,  coughed and gasped for air.  (Kind of sounded like a donkey). […]

July 19th Home again…for good!

Dominique slept much better last night in the private room and so did Sylvain.  Dominique had her x-ray at 7:30am and it looked really good.  At around 8:30am, a surgeon, Dr. Lewis came to remove Dominique’s chest tube.  It caused Dominique some pain, but once it was out, she was fine.  Then her intravenous was […]

July 25th A week later

Time does go fast.  Can’t believe it has been a week since the surgery already.  Dominique has done incredibly well considering all her little body has been through.  The first days home her schedule was off and she had 3 to 4 hour naps during the day.  She also woke up for a few hours at night […]

July 31st a brief visit

We needed to get more Septra antibiotic medication for Dominique.  She has to take this antibiotic until September because it will take that long for her blood to recover enough from chemo to fight infections such as pneumonia. I made a quick stop in the Oncology clinic.  Felt so good to be there and not have […]

August 7th 3 weeks post surgery

It has been approximately 3 weeks since Dominique’s surgery and with each passing day she continues to heal.  She is truly focused on learning to walk on her own these days,  now that she has energy to expend.  Every day she seems to be sprouting new hair on her body and her look is continually […]

September 3rd A nice break…

It has been one long nice holiday away from the hospital.  The last time we were there it was to briefly pick up some medication and I can’t even remember the day. It was also nice for me to take a break from this journal to clear my mind of it all.  Everything kind of feels like […]

September 6th Courage

A big day full of happy emotions at the hospital.  It started with our appointment with Dr. Skarsgard.  He gave Dominique a little check up and said she looks great.  He also commented that he is amazed that she doesn’t have Horners Syndrome after surgery as it was always his belief that Dominique’s tumor had […]

September 13th Dom’s a video star

I signed our surgeon’s thank you card as “from the crazy parents who want to see a photo of our child’s tumor.”  Today on Friday the 13th, our wish was granted.  Infact it was bonus day, cause we gotto see the video of the biopsy in March and the recent resection as seen through thoroscopathy.  I […]

September 23rd Poor little Dom

It appears Dominique has caught a cold which started on Friday night.  Just all the basic symptoms…mild fever, runny nose, conjested.  I phoned the Oncologist on call at the hospital on Saturday just to make sure that her immune system is ready to fight the virus and was told Dominique may be more susceptible to a chest infection […]

October 21st A good scan

Dom’s scan was supposed to be on October 24th.  However, we got a call on Friday saying that there was a mix up & requesting that we come in on Monday 12:30pm for a 1:30pm scan. Same fasting routine- no food after midnight, milk till 7:30am and clear fluids till 10:30am.  Dom hasn’t had the […]

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