OpenStreetMap Plugin

A friend of mine introduced me to OpenStreetMap (OSM) a while back. OpenStreetMap is much like Google Maps when Google Maps first started, the one difference is that it is operated by the public much like Wikipedia is. In that manner, the maps are more up to date then say Google Maps cause they get […]

Google Chops Nexus One

Seems like Google is chopping the Nexus One. Now I was always skeptical about the whole Android thing since specially it was like Google showing the finger to all their partners (Motorola, HTC, and others) that had chosen Android as their platform of choice but I am quite surprised that they killed it after only […]

Apple Site Not Easily Viewable from iPhone

I am surprised for such a company like Apple that their web site is still not reformatted to be nicely viewable on the device that really made them what they are today (ok perhaps I am exaggerating a bit). This morning, I wanted to see what the price of the new unlocked iPhone 4 was […]

My iPad needs Flash

My wife got me an iPad for our ten year anniversary and I love it. Such a great format. It has also been a hit with everyone on my recent trip to Québec. If there are some complaints I could make about it, they are the following: 1) Flash support would be great. So many […]

My iPhone 3GS is Now Unlocked

I finally got my iPhone 3GS unlocked. Todd sent me this link a while back but i didn’t want to risk it before going on our trip to Québec since I had pre-loaded a bunch of movies and games on it and didn’t want to end up with an iBrick. So today I decided […]

WordPress – Now on Stack Exchange

In case you don’t read Joel like I do, the folks at Stack Overflow have released a new questions and answers forums for WordPress based on Stack Exchange. Now I know there is already one on but you can never have enough of those and also the Stack Exchange UI/Experience makes it easier to […]

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