Earls Not What It Used to Be

I drove by Earls on Fir and Broadway on Friday and noticed the nice line up of cars in their parking lot In case you don’t see it well, there is a Porsche Cayenne (bit cut off), Porsche 911 (or is that a Boxster?), Mercedes, BMW 3 Series, and a Lamborghini. I didn’t realized Earls […]

I Am Starving…

Been on a low carb diet since last week. Now it is not really a real no carb diet but a low version that I made up. Essentially I don’t eat any potatoes, rice, bread, cereal, and desserts. After a meal, I am quite nicely satisfied but about an hour before the next meal, I […]

Olympic Gear For Sale

In case you missed some of the gear during the Olympics, Wilson (who apparently were one of the approved manufacturer) is selling some of their left over stock. They only have T-Shirts and it is today and August 21st only at the corner of Jacombs and Cambie in Richmond. $10 a T-Shirt. Tax included.

10 Years!

Today is our 10 year anniversary! Yes 10 years ago we were getting itched at UBC, dancing to Chubby Checker and Kung Fu Fighting, and watching shooting stars and northern lights. I had a lot more hair back then and what I had was still brown! A lot has happened in 10 years: 2 kids […]

Netflix in Canada

In case, you haven’t heard, Netflix is now in Canada. Netflix is a website that for a monthly fee ($7.99 CAD) lets you watch an unlimited number over the internet either on your computer, iPad, iPhone, iPod, or gaming console like Wii or PS3. They have a 30 day free trial that you can cancel […]

French Fries Recipe

Since we make our own poutine, we make our own french fries. I though I would share the recipe here: 1) Clean and peel the potatoes. Well some people like to keep the peel but I prefer off. 2) Cut them to whatever size you want. We have one of those french fries maker thing […]

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