French Fries Recipe

Since we make our own poutine, we make our own french fries. I though I would share the recipe here:

1) Clean and peel the potatoes. Well some people like to keep the peel but I prefer off.
2) Cut them to whatever size you want. We have one of those french fries maker thing when you put the potato in it and push the handle and out comes nice cut french fries. Very useful. They make fries about the size of fingers.
3) Once cut, put them in a bucket/pot full of water and let them soak for about an hour. You can change the water once or twice. That will get rid of the starch.
4) Fire up your deep fryer but don’t put it full temperature. Put it at medium low.
5) Fry the fries until they get soft but not brown. Essentially you can poke a fork through them easily although the fork doesn’t cut the fries when you poke. It is about 5 minutes.
6) Remove the fries from the fryer and now raise the temperature to high.
7) Fry them again for about 6-7 minutes.
8) Enjoy.

French Fries Recipe

2 thoughts on “French Fries Recipe

  1. What kind of oil/grease do you use?
    Doesn’t the smell of the grease overwhelm, or do you do it next to a strong fan?

  2. We use canola oil. Yeah the smell can be issue but I either open a window or do it by the fan. Our fan sucks ( or doesn’t actually ) though.

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