Month: October 2010

French Fries Recipe

Since we make our own poutine, we make our own french fries. I though I would share the recipe here: 1) Clean and peel the potatoes. Well some people like to keep the peel but I prefer off. 2) Cut them to whatever size you want. We have one of those french fries maker thing […]

Alex’s BallZOut

Congrats to Alex for launching his new iPhone game BallZOut! Check it out here or here. I think I finally got my iTunes library moved over to my iMac so I can start purchasing stuff again (I was being paranoid that my purchases wouldn’t make it across so I put a freeze on all purchases). […]

Rain Rain Rain and More Rain

I guess summer is over…. I had to remove part of my halloween decoration preps cause it is raining so much that it was causing all sort of havoc with them. I hope next Sunday is not like today or last night. If you look at the forecast picture, you see we are getting to […]

Snow Snow Snow and More Snow

ok my prayers were answered. Here is a shot taken Sunday at Whistler. (Picture from I also heard on the radio that the local mountains got snow too. I haven’t been able to see the mountains though and Seymour website has nothing.

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