MDRN Sculptures Review – Analysis – Scam Warning

Looks like ScaleX Models came up under a new name “MDRN Sculptures”. New name but same. Stay away it is a scam. If you don’t believe me, read the comments section from my old post

UPDATE 2021-07-08: Still getting comments from people who unfortunately got tricked. One thing I read is that if you do get tricked, contact your credit card and see if you can get your money back via a chargeback. Credit cards usually have protections for those type of things. If enough people do it, their account will be shutdown.

MDRN Sculptures Review – Analysis – Scam Warning

9 thoughts on “MDRN Sculptures Review – Analysis – Scam Warning

  1. Do never buy anything from them. You would not receive anything.
    I’ve been waiting for my order since June.
    They don’ answer to y emails.

  2. I purchased online in july 2020, and they keep delaying and never refund my money. these people should be held accountable. and would be checked before they have been allowed on any platform.

    1. Sorry to hear. Yes. At a minimum Shopify and Instagram should do more to prevent scam sites like these to be created / marketed on their platforms.

  3. I placed an order in July 2020. I’ve had no less than 15 communications from “Veronica“ I am being told constantly that my order is being held up due to COVID-19. It’s been seven months since I placed my order I am certain I will never receive it.

  4. I bought the F1 2019 car model from this site when I saw it posted constantly on Instagram and I was so excited. I ended up buying it but for months I would email and get a generic response about how COVID was slowing their production down. It was shit. They never were willing to discuss anything about where the product was or what it was even. I should have seen the writing on the walls when I bought something from an Instagram ad. But here we are. Its been well over a year now and I have yet to hear back from our little friend Veronica. Thing is a scam and I hope the people running it are charged in the future. If not charged, I hope they see how empty their life is when they spend all that money they got from people who were willing to give them a chance.

      1. Try to see if you can get your money back from your credit card via a chargeback. Usually credit cards have protections for that sort of things.

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