Rain Rain Rain and More Rain

I guess summer is over…. I had to remove part of my halloween decoration preps cause it is raining so much that it was causing all sort of havoc with them. I hope next Sunday is not like today or last night. If you look at the forecast picture, you see we are getting to […]

Snow Snow Snow and More Snow

ok my prayers were answered. Here is a shot taken Sunday at Whistler. (Picture from I also heard on the radio that the local mountains got snow too. I haven’t been able to see the mountains though and Seymour website has nothing.

The Circle is Now Complete

All of this started with one iPod (the little one on the left) which then moved to one iPhone 2G (not in the picture, my wife uses that one), then a 3G, a Macbook Pro, a 3GS, iPad, iPhone 4, and finally an iMac. That’s not counting the 328 songs bought on iTunes. Should the […]


ok since I upgraded to a Mac, I somewhat lost the ability to upload pictures to my old website ( I was using a CMS tool that was Windows only. Well since most of the pictures were on Facebook anyway, I figured it was easier to just move the links here cause really all I […]

Bell fined $1.3M for breaking do-not-call rules

The CRTC has fined Bell Canada $1.3 million after telemarketing calls were made to Canadians who had specifically asked not to receive them. Read more: Read More I generally don’t like the CRTC but it is nice that someone is finally working to stop all this spam. We just get bombarded so much it […]

I would like to welcome Eric to the WordPress family. Check out If you need a videographer for your wedding or any other functions, I highly recommend him.

Angry Bunnies

Dave sent me this Angry Alien Productions. Find a movie that you know and watch the bunnies. Pretty funny. They remind me of the bunnies from Rayman Ravin Rabbits. Mahhhhhhhhh!

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