My iPad needs Flash

My wife got me an iPad for our ten year anniversary and I love it. Such a great format. It has also been a hit with everyone on my recent trip to Québec. If there are some complaints I could make about it, they are the following:

1) Flash support would be great. So many times I want to view some content (usually a video on Facebook) and just can’t. That was also the first complaint my sister and brother had as they now watch some TV content via flash. Somewhat of a bummer having to go back to a computer just for that.

2) Some type of way to pan an embedded Google map on a website. I do geocaching quite a bit and it is hard to move the map around.

3) More apps which are designed for the iPad instead of iPhone which just happened to work ok on it. I guess that will come with time.

Besides that it is great. BTW this post was made from my iPad using the WordPress app which works really well on it. My favorite apps so far are:
– WordPress (should be obvious)
– YouTube
– Zap2It – Great TV schedule app with favorites and searches
– Photoshop Express – I can see many hours with that one
– Couple of games from Donut Games
– Video viewer. I converted a few of my DVDs using Handbrake so we could watch them on the plane/car. Very nice.

My iPad needs Flash

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