Month: August 2010

Green Zone

Watched Green Zone over the weekend. This movie is about an army platoon that’s in charge of securing sites where weapons of mass destruction during the Iraq war. After a few sites that turned out to be duds, the platoon leader, Chief Miller, (Matt Damon) decides to find out why the intel reports they have […]

Samuel L Jackson Hockey Coach Chelios

John sent me this: Pretty funny. Reminds me of the post I did back in 2002 comparing European hockey to NHL hockey using Pulp Fiction script. Update: ok thanks for Blogger I was able to find my old posts I’ve been enjoying watching olympic hockey the last few days even when Canada got tumped by […]

10 Years!

Today is our 10 year anniversary! Yes 10 years ago we were getting itched at UBC, dancing to Chubby Checker and Kung Fu Fighting, and watching shooting stars and northern lights. I had a lot more hair back then and what I had was still brown! A lot has happened in 10 years: 2 kids […]

My iPad needs Flash

My wife got me an iPad for our ten year anniversary and I love it. Such a great format. It has also been a hit with everyone on my recent trip to Québec. If there are some complaints I could make about it, they are the following: 1) Flash support would be great. So many […]

My iPhone 3GS is Now Unlocked

I finally got my iPhone 3GS unlocked. Todd sent me this link a while back but i didn’t want to risk it before going on our trip to Québec since I had pre-loaded a bunch of movies and games on it and didn’t want to end up with an iBrick. So today I decided […]

WordPress – Now on Stack Exchange

In case you don’t read Joel like I do, the folks at Stack Overflow have released a new questions and answers forums for WordPress based on Stack Exchange. Now I know there is already one on but you can never have enough of those and also the Stack Exchange UI/Experience makes it easier to […]

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