How to Forward Telus E-Mail to Another E-mail Address

ok I know this article seems rather simple and something you think you wouldn’t need an article for but I had forgotten where to go to do my Telus account e-mail settings and after searching on Google for a bit, I found absolutely nothing on that topic so I figured I better document it here in case someone else runs into the same question.

1) Go to If you haven’t gone there in a while, you likely will have to pick language and also province you are coming from.
2) Click on the “Your account: Telus Account & e.Bill” link. Yeah I know, not rocket science here but I did forget.
3) Login with your username/password. That should be the same as the first part of the e-mail and the e-mail password
4) Once logged in, under Products and Services, click on “View Details / Modify” link for Telus High Speed
5) Find the e-mail box you want to forward and click on “Update Forwarding” link
6) Select the checkbox and enter the e-mail address you want to forward to and click update
7) Voila

Now the reasons I am forwarding my e-mail address after about 8 years is that I got tired of Telus e-mail for the following reasons
1) You can only send an e-mail from a pop client if you are within the Telus network. Bit of a pain since I now have an iPhone and a laptop.
2) To compensate for 1, you can use their webmail access but it is rather slow. Also they only have 50 MB of space on their server for you. That was ok in 2002 but nowadays you would expect GBs
3) I have more than one device accessing the server and was getting tired of dealing with the same e-mails over and over again. I guess I could have deleted them from the server when the client downloaded it but I prefer keeping some e-mails for records so bit hard to do that.

I now use Google Apps Standard edition which is free and gives me IMAP, decent webmail access (some would call it best in class but I don’t like how they merge threads into a single one a common complaint for gmail), 7.5 GB of space, tons of articles on how to configure things (iPhone, Mail client, Outlook, you name it), and ability to create up to 50 e-mail accounts. Can’t beat that. I guess my only charge is to renew my domain once a year but I have to do that anyway to keep this blog running and keep all my fans happy. Well the 2 that would read all the way here anyway.

How to Forward Telus E-Mail to Another E-mail Address

29 thoughts on “How to Forward Telus E-Mail to Another E-mail Address

  1. just wanted to write you, thanking you for this article. for the longest time i had been using my Gmail to retrieve my Telus mail, as Telus did not used to have forwarding. i thought i’d take a painful look down memory lane and see if things have changed, in teh Webmail interface, but no forwarding option exists there.

    i’m also using your comments form to test out the forwarding access 🙂

    instead, i find your great instructions here. thanks!

  2. I was pleased to find this link when I was looking for a way to stop having my email forwarded from my telus account into the account that actually works for me. My son set up forwarding but I absolutely don’t want it. Spam comes through b/c that gets forwarded, etc

    I recently found out that if I just let the email accumulate in the telus account w/o forwarding it, it would just sit there and I wouldn’t get those annoying messages into my good account saying that my mailbox was full.

    I hope you can help me delete the forwarding.

    Thanks so much.

    1. If you follow my instructions, at step 6, you just need to uncheck the checkbox and you should be all set.

  3. Great news is that you can now turn off the ‘conversation’ thread that so many of us found confusing and annoying. Just go to your settings, General (first) page, and turn off ‘conversation view’. Works right away and is THE major improvement to gmail this past year!

    1. Yeah I agree. I stayed away from gmail for a long time because of those conversation views. The funny thing is now that Google got rid of it, they are starting to popup in other places, iPhone being one of them.

  4. Hi Noella,

    The steps above are to help you forward all your emails from one account to another. For example from to Anything sent to ends up in‘s inbox. I think what you are asking is to forward one email and that really depends on the client you are using but usually there is a forward button (sometimes it is a letter with an arrow in it). Once you click on that, you see en email creation form and the body of the email is already filled in. You just need to enter the email address you want to forward to.

    I hope this helps.

  5. Thank you for the simple information about forwarding emails from telus to gmail.
    I wanted to let you know that if you travel to Shangahai or German, you can not get your telus email through wifi. Even if your on outlook. You have to log into telus. Good luck on that one too. Doesn’t always work.
    So I thank you agian.
    Angela H.

  6. Thank you soooo much for your instructions. I was desperate to have my mail forward to another email cause I can’t stand the way telus mail works. And the fact that 9 times out of 10 it gives me an error message saying it can’t be sent and to try again and then I lose all that I’ve typed and have to start over!!! Very frustrating!!! But now I don’t have to worry about that. Thanks again for your instructions, they were very simple and easy to follow and you made my day!! 🙂

  7. I know I’m a little late on this but thank you so much for keeping non-digitally-savvy people like me alive! I will follow your instructions to forward my Telus email to gmail but I have a question: once emails are forwarded to Gmail, do I still use the full Outlook client on my main workstation to manage emails or do I use gmail on the web exclusively?

    Thank you!

    1. You can point your outlook client on to your gmail account and read them from there or from the web. Been a while since I use outlook / outlook express so I am not sure if they support IMAP. If they do, then you are golden because whatever you have read on outlook will be marked as read in gmail and same goes if you have read an email using the web client. That way all your mails are in sync. Just do a search on how to configure outlook with gmail. I am sure Google has instructions.

  8. At last!!!!! I’ve been so frustrated with my telus web mail that I was ready to stop using my email. My husband spent the time reading your instructions on how to forward telus to a new gmail account….and it irked right away!
    Thank you for the very clear step by step instructions. We are now both gmail users and I feel more confident in using their site. You saved me a bundle of time…thank you.

  9. Thank you for the website! I was frustrated the Telus webmail does not have a filter function to set up to automatically send emails to folders or to trash, and its Help says nothing about setting up Outlook Express to download Telus emails, or anything about automatic email forwarding, so following your advice I’m just forwarding the Telus emails, and also setting it to delete spam rather than just tagging it ‘spam’. May miss some genuine emails, but have received over 300 spam since opening the account a month ago. Guess someone else must have had the same address in the past, otherwise I don’t know how the spammers would have gotten the address.

    1. ps The Telus ‘Live Chat’ (text chat) wasn’t working today either, and Telus gives no telephone numbers for Customer Care on the Live Chat page; guess they don’t like to use their own telephone service anymore.

  10. Thank you for the clear instructions. It was not intuitive on how it could be done from Telus Web Mail and I couldn’t find anything in the Web Mail help.

    Telus changed Web Mail and told me about the improvements, one of which was to remove the forwarding that I have had active for years. You saved me a service call and the inevitable wait behind the message “we are expecting heavier than usual call volumes…..”

  11. Well, it came down to forwarding mail from my TELUS address. I set it up to forward to my Android’s GMAIL address. However, the process does not leave a copy of the email on my TELUS server. Can’t seem to find a way to change this on TELUS.

  12. Thanks. I have been trying to fix this on and off (mostly off!)for a few months now but could not figure it out.

  13. cannot figure out how to delete an e-mail without deleting the entire conversation thread

  14. Hi, I have been forwarding by Telus email account for years, but now I need to UN forward and don’t know how to get in my account to do this. Any ideas? Or do I have phone telus and ask them? thanks in advance.

    1. If you go to and click on “My Account”, they have “Forgot Password” option if you remember your email address and even a “Forgot My Username” option. Likely your best bet before calling Telus. I hope this helps.

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