September 13th Dom’s a video star

I signed our surgeon’s thank you card as “from the crazy parents who want to see a photo of our child’s tumor.”  Today on Friday the 13th, our wish was granted.  Infact it was bonus day, cause we gotto see the video of the biopsy in March and the recent resection as seen through thoroscopathy.  I won’t go into any detailed description but I can say it was extremely fascinating to watch and gave us a true feeling of relief to witness the tumor being removed.

We also learned today that because Dominique’s surgery was extremely successful, that the surgeons have used her video to train and teach others about this newer technique of thoroscopathy.  Another interesting piece of info is that the surgeons placed tiny titanium clips in Dom’s chest after the surgery to mark the previous size of the tumor.  These clips will highlight on Dom’s future CT scans to reveal if there has been any new tumor growth.

I did a quick stop at the Oncology clinic to drop off all our unused hep-lock supplies we used for Dominique’s central line.  Apparently these extra supplies will be sent to Mexico to help children with cancer.  I saw our two favorite nurses Julianna and Angie and gave them hugs.  Dr. Bond was near by and informed me he’s arranged a new family doctor for Dominique in Richmond who deals with treated Cancer patients.

Dominique’s next CT scan and Oncology appointment are on October 24th at 10am, and 2pm to check for any regrowth/relapse.

Time spent in the hospital on that day: 1 hr 30mins

September 13th Dom’s a video star
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