July 19th Homeward bound… soon…

Sylvain did night duty and I admire him.  We were put in a room called the “baby room”.  This contains all the crying babies in one area.  We had the worst roomate possible.  A little baby who wore an oxygen mask and continually moaned,  coughed and gasped for air.  (Kind of sounded like a donkey).

When I arrived in the morning Sylvain said the doctor felt that we would be going home in the afternoon if Dominique’s chest tube X-ray looked fine.  We anticipated this all morning especially after another unhappy newborn baby joined the “babyroom”.  Unfortunately, Dominique’s x-ray showed that she has an air pocket at the base of her lung that needs to be sucked out by the chest tube.  She was also still draining lots of fluid from the tube which needs to slow down before it can be removed.

She had a rather rough day and still isn’t herself.  She can’t keep any fluid down and vomited a few times.  She is still on morphine, codeine, tylenol and gravol.

Anyways, on a happier note, at 5PM a very, very kind nurse got a private room for us .  Dominique has her x-ray at 7AM tomorrow and hopefully the results will send us home.

Time spent in the hospital on that day: 24hrs

July 19th Homeward bound… soon…
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