Month: July 2002

July 5th No news yet…

It has been a week since Dominique had her CT scan.  Dr. Bond has confirmed that the tumour has shrunk substantially but we are awaiting the opinion of the surgeon to see whether the remaining tumor can be removed.  Dr Bond has been on holidays this week so we will make an appointment with him for […]

July 8th Surgeon’s consultation

We received a call from Dr. Skarsgard’s office (the surgeon) today requesting we come for an appointment on Thursday at 10:15am for a consultation. On this date we will most likely discuss the CT scan and possibility of removing the remaining tumor. Dominique continues to do well.  I think some of her hair is starting to grow back […]

July 11th Surgery booked for July 18th!

We met with Dr. Skarsgard Dominique’s Surgeon.  He said the CT scan looks “fantastic” and that the remaining tumor/scar tissue is in a good location for resection.  The surgery is booked for next Thursday July 18th (we don’t know the exact time yet). The surgery itself will take approximately 2 hours.  Dr. Skarsgard believes that he may be […]

July 15th Anxiously awaiting…

Pretty much two more days until the big surgery day…and two more days of maintenance on her CVC (Central line in her chest).  We have to take Dominique to the clinic tomorrow to get some blood work done before the surgery.  We still don’t know the actual time of the surgery and will most likely […]

July Check up

Dominique had blood work today and a small check-up to make sure she’s ok for surgery.  Her blood counts are really high- (they are amazing) and she has gained a half a kilo since she finished chemo and now weighs 11 kg. Tomorrow we will find out the actual time of the surgery.  And as far […]

July 17th Set for tomorrow!

The surgery is set for 11:40am and we need to check into the hospital at 10:10am.  The surgery is expected to take approximately 2 hours. I will do a quick update on Dominique Thursday night.  Positive thoughts and prayers are very much appreciated. Time spent in the hospital on that day: 0

July 18th The grapefruit is gone!

Dominique was a little angel all morning before her surgery.  Even though she ended up fasting since 9PM the night before because she wasn’t interested in any applejuice or water in the morning.  The surgery was on time (thank God).  I suited up and mentally prepared myself to bring Dominique into the operating room to […]

July 19th Homeward bound… soon…

Sylvain did night duty and I admire him.  We were put in a room called the “baby room”.  This contains all the crying babies in one area.  We had the worst roomate possible.  A little baby who wore an oxygen mask and continually moaned,  coughed and gasped for air.  (Kind of sounded like a donkey). […]

July 19th Home again…for good!

Dominique slept much better last night in the private room and so did Sylvain.  Dominique had her x-ray at 7:30am and it looked really good.  At around 8:30am, a surgeon, Dr. Lewis came to remove Dominique’s chest tube.  It caused Dominique some pain, but once it was out, she was fine.  Then her intravenous was […]

July 25th A week later

Time does go fast.  Can’t believe it has been a week since the surgery already.  Dominique has done incredibly well considering all her little body has been through.  The first days home her schedule was off and she had 3 to 4 hour naps during the day.  She also woke up for a few hours at night […]

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