July 19th Home again…for good!

Dominique slept much better last night in the private room and so did Sylvain.  Dominique had her x-ray at 7:30am and it looked really good.  At around 8:30am, a surgeon, Dr. Lewis came to remove Dominique’s chest tube.  It caused Dominique some pain, but once it was out, she was fine.  Then her intravenous was removed from her foot and she was a brand new happy baby.  We had to wait until noon for another x-ray to make sure there were no air leaks in Dom’s lung.  The X-ray at noon looked great so we got the final OK to go home.

While waiting for paperwork to be completed, Dominque was crawling the hospital hallways.  We brought her outside and took her for walks. She obviously knew we were going home because she was cheerful and full of excitement.  When we got home she continued her high level of energy and even ate a bowl of mashed potatoes.  It would seem that Sylvain and I need the recuperation from this ordeal.

A big thank you to Grandma Jane who came from Nanaimo to support us and help us out again.  And a big thank you to everyone who visited, sent positive wishes & prayers our way & helped us out.  It has truly been appreciated.

Time spent in the hospital on that day: 24 hrs

July 19th Home again…for good!
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