July 25th A week later

Time does go fast.  Can’t believe it has been a week since the surgery already.  Dominique has done incredibly well considering all her little body has been through.  The first days home her schedule was off and she had 3 to 4 hour naps during the day.  She also woke up for a few hours at night unable to get back to sleep.  She does seem sore and cranky at times which is understandable.  On top of it all it seems she is getting another tooth.

So what’s next?  The tumor they resected from Dom has been sent to a pathology lab.  It will be completely analyzed to determine the biology of the mass and inform us if all the cells are mature (killed off).  We will receive these results in about another 2 weeks time.

We have follow up appointments with Oncology which will be quite extensive follow-up for the next year and less extensive follow up for the next several years.  Her next CT scan will be in 3 months.  In another week we meet with the surgeon to ensure she is healing ok.  Then in August Dom will have an EKG and a hearing test to see if the chemo damaged her heart and hearing.  I have some photos developed of her recent hospital stay and will post some soon.

Time spent in the hospital on that day: zero…

July 25th A week later
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