October 21st A good scan

Dom’s scan was supposed to be on October 24th.  However, we got a call on Friday saying that there was a mix up & requesting that we come in on Monday 12:30pm for a 1:30pm scan.

Same fasting routine- no food after midnight, milk till 7:30am and clear fluids till 10:30am.  Dom hasn’t had the best appetite these days so she seemed ok with the fasting.  The scan was running a bit behind.  But finally I went in with Dom while she was put to sleep. This time they had to get an intravenous going which they got after a couple tries.  Dom cried while they poked her but soon after they put her to sleep with Pentathol.  The anaesthetist said they’d try to do the procedure without incabating her this time.

After about 25 mins Dom was awake, dopey and silly.  However, the technicians forgot to do her blood work while she was asleep so a nurse tried to get it from her IV.  We were holding our breath as she was barely able to get enough blood…if she couldn’t have, we would have been sent upstairs to the lab for more traumatic pokes in Dom’s arm.

Dr Bond called us a few hours later at home to tell us that the scans look great.  We will have an Oncology appointment in the next two weeks or so.  We’ll find out the blood work results and Dom will have a urine test as well.

Time spent in the hospital on that day: 2.5hrs

October 21st A good scan
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