April 21st Admitted to hospital

Dom was having a restless night sleeping…bursts of crying then she’d doze off- repeating this over and over again.  Finally at 3am we went to check her, gave her a bottle and then took her temperature which reached 37.9.  We took it three other times hoping it was a mistake and it would go down.  […]

April 22nd Still living “in isolation”

Dominique’s fever seems to have broke today and she seemed so more chipper and more her normal smiley self.  She didn’t vomit today and even ate some toast for dinner. One nurse kept commenting that Dom was a completely different baby than yesterday. Dominique’s blood counts (aside from her platelets) have gone up a little since her blood transfusion […]

April 23rd Still admitted to hospital…

Dominique’s platelets (blood clotting substance) declined to pretty much zero so she needed another blood transfusion today.  Her blood counts are still extremely low as her neutraphils (infection fighting substance) is at zero.  The docs have told us she needs a significant neutraphil count increase before we can go home.  This could realistically take several days.  […]

April 24th A Bug…

Things were a little more complicated today than expected.  Dom’s blood tests revealed that her platelets were still extremely low so she received her third transfusion today.  Her stool sample came back she has been diagnosed with some sort of “bug”/infection in her bowels/intestines.  She was put on different antibiotics to treat her new diagnosis and was […]

April 25th We’re home!

We were told about 5 different times that we were going home this morning.  I started to pack the bags when doctor Kaikov came back and said they would like to keep Dominique one day more because her ANC count is still zero.  My heart sank, and immediately I did all I could to convince him to […]

April 26th Outpatient hospital visit

Aside from being more tired than usual, Dom has adjusted to being back home quite well.  We went for our appointment at the clinic so they could do more blood work. Her counts are still very low and she may need another platelet blood transfusion on Monday.  Despite this, the doctors are confident that her […]

April 28th Relaxing Weekend

It has been two months since Dom’s diagnosis.  On March 28th we had spent a total of 75 1/2 hours in the hospital. This month we spent 124 hours and 40 minutes.  That is a total of 200 hours and 10 minutes! We made it to the “200 club”! Not too much else to report. Just had […]

April 29th Chemo postponed…

Dom had her appointment at the clinic to have her blood checked.  We came home to wait for the results since they usually take about an hour.  Dom’s platelets are up to 124 from 26 so she doesn’t need a platelet transfusion.  However, her neutraphil count (infection fighting component of the blood) is still extremely low.  It […]

May 3rd The grand total….

The grand total that Sylvain raised for Balding for Dollars is $3628! Thank you to everyone who supported Balding for Dollars!  Dominique is enjoying her week vacation from the hospital.  More of her hair is falling out this week, but otherwise she seems fine. Time spent in the hospital on that day: 20 minutes

May 7th Another delay

Dominique had her blood counts done today to make sure she’s ready for her chemo tomorrow.  Unfortunately, her ANC (neutraphil infection fighting component of blood) is only at 0.46 and is not high enough to start the next round of chemo.  This will most likely put us over to next week which means a total […]

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