May 7th Another delay

Dominique had her blood counts done today to make sure she’s ready for her chemo tomorrow.  Unfortunately, her ANC (neutraphil infection fighting component of blood) is only at 0.46 and is not high enough to start the next round of chemo.  This will most likely put us over to next week which means a total delay of 2 weeks.  I am really hoping everything is finished by the summer so we can take Dom swimming and enjoy the season with very few hospital trips.  So hopefully this will be the last delay. 

Time to make a note on some public reaction to Dominique and her illness:

Yesterday I was in Ikea in the lineup to pay.  A woman was chatting to us and then she said “nice lid” to Dominique and I said what? and she said her hair is funny.  I know, I should have said something but I was too surprised.

Another family in Queen E park came up and was chatting to Dominique.  Then the father asked if his little girl could give Dominique a hug.  I said no, and then  proceeded to tell them that Dom has cancer and is doing chemo so she can’t have anyone’s germs.  The father’s lip started visibly shaking and he backed away without another word to us.

I am sure there will be more to report in the days to come and i’ll document some for sure.

Time spent in the hospital on that day: one hour

May 7th Another delay
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