Month: May 2002

May 3rd The grand total….

The grand total that Sylvain raised for Balding for Dollars is $3628! Thank you to everyone who supported Balding for Dollars!  Dominique is enjoying her week vacation from the hospital.  More of her hair is falling out this week, but otherwise she seems fine. Time spent in the hospital on that day: 20 minutes

May 7th Another delay

Dominique had her blood counts done today to make sure she’s ready for her chemo tomorrow.  Unfortunately, her ANC (neutraphil infection fighting component of blood) is only at 0.46 and is not high enough to start the next round of chemo.  This will most likely put us over to next week which means a total […]

May 10th Energizer bunny

Dominique is doing really well lately.  Her last dose of chemo is obviously wearing off as she is more energized and spends more time crawling laps around the living room.  Makes me realize how rough the treatment is on her.    Our next appointment at the clinic is Tuesday, May 14th at 9:15 am for blood work   […]

May 14th We’re set

Dominique is finally in shape to start her 3rd round of chemo.  Her ANC in her blood has sky rocketed to 2.05 which could explain the abundance of energy she has lately.  Our appointment is at 8am tomorrow morning and we’ll be in the clinic pretty much all day because Dom receives 2 chemo drugs […]

May 15th Shrinkage

One more day of 10 hours of chemo done and her mid-treatment x-ray to check the size of the tumor.  Very GOOD news is that the doctor figures the tumor has shrunk 75% after only two cycles of chemo completed.  The doctor mentioned the possibility of the tumor shrinking so much that surgery may not be necessary after […]

May 16th Happy Birthday mumma!

It definately won’t be one of my fondest birthday memories-spending it with Dominique getting a round of chemo. But I’m not complaining because she seems to be doing well with the chemo this time and that is a big birthday present for me.  She had a good appetite today and she appears to be less nauseated this […]

May 17th 3rd day of 3rd chemo cycle

Dominique still seems to be happy and is coping well with this cycle of chemo.  She slept most of the time on Dada’s lap while in the clinic. The nurse put a permanent “port” or little tube in Dominiques leg that goes under her skin, so we could do the G-CSF injection through this tube at […]

May 20th Weekend summary

Dom has been in a happy mood for most of the weekend.  However, she has been nauseated and vomited a few times. She has also had some rough nights where she wakes up screaming and crying.  Last night it was really bad…she kicked and screamed for a good 10 minutes before we could settle her down.  It’s frustrating […]

May 22nd Some good numbers

Today Dom had her usual post chemo appointment to check her blood counts to see if she needs a transfusion and her ability to fight infection (white blood cells).  The numbers are much better, so far, this time.  Her ANC (infection fighting white blood cell) is at 2.46.  Dr. Bond has let us stop the G-CSF injections after today […]

May 24th I did it for Dom!

I have procrastinated for a long time.  1996 was the last time I donated blood- It was run by the Red Cross back then. But lately with Dom receiving 3 transfusions, and seeing all the other children with cancer receive transfusions, donating blood has been on my mind a lot lately. A nurse at the clinic informed me […]

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