May 15th Shrinkage

One more day of 10 hours of chemo done and her mid-treatment x-ray to check the size of the tumor.  Very GOOD news is that the doctor figures the tumor has shrunk 75% after only two cycles of chemo completed.  The doctor mentioned the possibility of the tumor shrinking so much that surgery may not be necessary after her chemo is over.

Dom did well in the clinic today despite her not eating anything and being too stimulated by the environment to settle down for her nap.  She finally crashed at 2:30 and slept a good 3 hours with a good dose of gravol to help her through.  Alexandra and her mom were in the clinic so it was nice to visit with them all day.

We met with the doctor during our time at the clinic who gave us a brand new prescription today.  G-CSF is what the drug is called.  We were given 7 syringes each 1.8 ml (not even a teaspoon) and it cost $312.  We are supposed to inject this stuff into Dominique’s leg for 7 days after Friday to help boost her white blood cell counts and prevent her from getting sick when her immune system is poor.  Ultimately, this would prevent another delay for her last chemo cycle.  However, I really dread doing this injection. A nurse has assured us that Dominique will probably scream in pain for 1-2 minutes after the needle because the G-CSF really stings when it is injected.

Tomorrow our appointment is at 10:30 and we should be there for about 2 hours.

Time spent in the hospital on that day: 10 hours

May 15th Shrinkage
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