May 20th Weekend summary

Dom has been in a happy mood for most of the weekend.  However, she has been nauseated and vomited a few times. She has also had some rough nights where she wakes up screaming and crying.  Last night it was really bad…she kicked and screamed for a good 10 minutes before we could settle her down.  It’s frustrating because we know she is hurting somewhere but can only guess what the exact problem/side effect of the chemo is.  It is possible we stopped giving the anti-nausea drugs too soon.  The powerful one Ondonsetron seems to contstipate her so we have stopped that one but are giving gravol once in a while.

We have done 3 injections of  G-CSF so far.  She hates it and has cried everytime. For some reason, it is not as bad as I expected.  I think we are getting used to everything and it has become normal to us.  We were watching some video of Dominique taken in February just prior to her diagnosis and it is weird to see her without her central line tube in her chest and with so much hair.

Here is a midway treatment photo comparison of Dominique.:

The picture on the top was taken February 19th while the other was taken today.

Time spent in the hospital on that day: 0 hours

May 20th Weekend summary
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