April 22nd Still living “in isolation”

Dominique’s fever seems to have broke today and she seemed so more chipper and more her normal smiley self.  She didn’t vomit today and even ate some toast for dinner. One nurse kept commenting that Dom was a completely different baby than yesterday.

Dominique’s blood counts (aside from her platelets) have gone up a little since her blood transfusion which is a good sign.  I have been trying to find out when we’ll get out of the hospital.  She is still on intravenous antibiotics but is expected to go off them tomorrow morning ( the 23 rd).  Once she’s off the antibiotics, she will be monitored for 24 hrs to ensure the fever doesn’t spike again.  They figure she has some sort of a stomach flu and so she is on “isolation” in her tiny room and can’t leave.  This is to protect all the other Oncology kids in the ward from getting her bug.  It is challenging to entertain her all day in a tiny hospital room hooked up to IV’s.

On a bit of a funny note, Dom has a jumbo sized Ernie and Bert and she is always sucking and eating their thick yarn hair.  After a nurse took a stool sample from her diaper she was baffled that there was so much hair in the diaper…

Time spent in the hospital on that day: 24 more hours and still counting….

April 22nd Still living “in isolation”
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