Month: April 2002

April 3rd Some Good News

Today we went for blood test #3 to find out how Dom’s blood counts were and to meet with the Dr. Bond to find out what is going on with the surgery to fix Dom’s Central Line.  The blood test is getting worse and worse each time.  Dom truly remembers the blood clinic and cried and cried […]

April 5th Another Visit to the ER

It was around 5:30pm, Sylvain had just come home from work and I was getting ready to make us some Friday night poutine.  I decided to change Dominique’s diaper before I fed her- and when I did, my heart just about stopped.  Dominique’s central line had come out and was no longer attached to her chest.  […]

April 7th Surgery #2- Central Line Replacement

Our surgery time to get Dom’s central line replaced was set for 9am this morning.  We had to be at the hospital at 7:30am. …with the “spring ahead” time change it really meant 6:30am.  Our surgery was scheduled in an emergency slot meaning if an urgent case came through the doors we could be bumped and have to wait.  […]

April 8th Last Blood Test for Cycle One

Dominique had one last blood test to make sure she is ready for her next cycle of chemo.  Everything checked out and her new central line works.  Her chemo is scheduled for the 11th and it will be a full day in the clinic. Time spent in the hospital on that day: 1 hour

April 10th Chemotherapy-Cycle #2

Our appointment was at 8:30am.  By the time all the chemo drugs arrived from the pharmacy it was 9:45am when Dom was hooked up.  I think we will call the next time to prevent unnecessary waiting time in the clinic.  We spoke with Dr. Bond who gave us some very promising news.  He compared Dom’s […]

April 15th Happy 1st Birthday Dominique!!

Wow….  One year has passed already.  This day has brought us unexpected mixed emotions.  To sum it up, I guess because we never ever visualized that Dom would have cancer on her first birthday.  But regardless, we threw a little family party with cake and presents for her on Sunday and treated her like a birthday princess […]

April 17th Blood Count Check

Blood work is a lot easier for both parents and child when her central line works. A 5 minute job at most with not a single tear shed (well for that anyway). Dom’s number (number 1 not number 2 thank god) which leaked through on Dada’s pants was the only excitement out of the day and […]

April 19th More Central Line Supplies

Last night when we were doing the daily maintenance on Dom’s “Central Line” we realized we are running out of supplies.  This morning we called an Oncology nurse and had the hospital pharmacy make us another kit.  So it was a “quick” trip to the hospital to pick up the supplies.  I’ve learned though being a […]

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