April 3rd Some Good News

Today we went for blood test #3 to find out how Dom’s blood counts were and to meet with the Dr. Bond to find out what is going on with the surgery to fix Dom’s Central Line.  The blood test is getting worse and worse each time.  Dom truly remembers the blood clinic and cried and cried as soon as we went in the clinic room.

After we met with Dr. Bond who suggested that we inject some sort of “liquid drano” aka TPA into her line to try and clear up any potential clots instead of surgery.  Before the nurse did the injection I asked her if she could check the line one last time to see if it worked.  And it did!  They were able to take blood from her line!  This is good news- because now Dom doesn’t have to undergo surgery to fix it.  However, we left the clinic feeling somewhat bitter after all the nasty blood tests that may have been unnecessary.  Anyways, todays blood tests revealed that her counts are on their way up although her platelets are lower.

Dom has more blood work on Monday.  If all checks out then her second round of chemo is on Tuesday

Time spent in the hospital on that day: 2 hours

April 3rd Some Good News
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