April 10th Chemotherapy-Cycle #2

Our appointment was at 8:30am.  By the time all the chemo drugs arrived from the pharmacy it was 9:45am when Dom was hooked up.  I think we will call the next time to prevent unnecessary waiting time in the clinic.  We spoke with Dr. Bond who gave us some very promising news.  He compared Dom’s two x-rays and has determined that the tumor has already visibly shrunk after only one cycle of chemo.  This is very good news.  She will still do 4 cycles of chemo though…regardless.

Anyways,  first Dom was given a huge dose of Ondonsetron (anti nausea drugs), then Carboplatin, Cyclophosphamide, Doxorubicin and a three hour hydration flush.  Dom slept for 1 hour and a half of this which was a bonus.  It is getting increasingly difficult to manage her attached to an intravenous machine as she wants to crawl around and yank at the tubing.  Our little friend Alexandra was in the clinic so we played with her and her mother for the majority of the time.  I also spent time making a necklace for Dom.  The clinic has different colors of beads symbolic of what the children endure in their battle with cancer (i.e. chemo, hair loss, surgery etc).  Dom’s necklace is quite large already.

Dom seemed to be doing ok until the anti nausea drugs wore off around dinner time.  You know sometimes you just get “sick”, and sometimes you are violently ill so it hurts- Dom was pretty violently ill.  Managed to give her some more Ondonsetron (anti nausea drugs) and thank god she kept that down.  Didn’t eat dinner and didn’t take her bottle which is extremely rare.  We gave her some gravol before bed. She was exhausted to say the least.

Our heart, thoughts and best wishes are sent to the family we visited today.  We have admired your bravery in fighting the cancer battle and cannot imagine the moment where the hopes of winning are taken away.

Time spent in the hospital on that day: 6 hours

April 10th Chemotherapy-Cycle #2
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