April 15th Happy 1st Birthday Dominique!!

Wow….  One year has passed already.  This day has brought us unexpected mixed emotions.  To sum it up, I guess because we never ever visualized that Dom would have cancer on her first birthday.  But regardless, we threw a little family party with cake and presents for her on Sunday and treated her like a birthday princess today. 

On Thursday and Friday Dom continued to be really nauseated and exhausted from the Chemo.  When I put her for naps it was like laying a cement bag down…she was asleep before her head hit the pillow.  Saturday she seemed more perky and less nauseated.  We stopped giving her gravol and ondonsetron.  It appears that the Ondonsetron drugs that gave her diarrhea the last cycle are constipating her this time.  Yesterday she completely lost her appetite.  Her first bite of birthday cake was spit out faster than the medicine she takes these days.

A very special thing happened last night. Dominique woke up and started crying exactly the time…to the minute she was born last year at 3:25 am.  What wasn’t special is that she decided to have another birthday party until 5:30 am.

Our next appointment at the clinic is on April 17th when she gets her blood tested to see how her counts are.

Time spent in the hospital on that day: no time!

April 15th Happy 1st Birthday Dominique!!
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