April 17th Blood Count Check

Blood work is a lot easier for both parents and child when her central line works. A 5 minute job at most with not a single tear shed (well for that anyway). Dom’s number (number 1 not number 2 thank god) which leaked through on Dada’s pants was the only excitement out of the day and that is how we like it.

The results of her blood counts are; hemoglobin and platelets are good (so no transfusion so far) but white blood cells and neutrophils are extremely low meaning she has no ability to fight germs/ infection.  Therefore, we won’t be doing any visiting for the next while and will have to watch for a fever.  If Dom gets a fever it means a 4-5day hospital stay with intravenous antibiotics. We’ll stick to the outdoors if the weather permits  & stay away from germs.

Dom’s next appointment to check her blood is on April 20th (next Wednesday).

Time spent in the hospital on that day: 1 hour

April 17th Blood Count Check
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