April 7th Surgery #2- Central Line Replacement

Our surgery time to get Dom’s central line replaced was set for 9am this morning.  We had to be at the hospital at 7:30am. …with the “spring ahead” time change it really meant 6:30am.  Our surgery was scheduled in an emergency slot meaning if an urgent case came through the doors we could be bumped and have to wait.  We were lucky, things went our way and were on time.  Dr. Skarsgard was the surgeon with Dr. Garroway the resident/ fellow.  The anaestesiologist was Dr. Reimer.

This time I pushed for us to be present in the OR room until Dom was put to sleep.  Sylvain suited up and went in.  Fortunately, they decided to put Dominique asleep with some gas before attempting to get an IV going.  The procedure was supposed to take approx 30 mins.

Sylvain and I waited in the ER waiting room until about 10:30am.  Dr. Skarsgard said the procedure went well and took longer because they had problems getting an IV going due to Dom’s chubbiness.  When Dom woke up, the nurse came to get us and we rushed into the post op recovery room.  Dom was crying but at least the nurses were giving her a much needed bottle which was nice compared to the last time when I had to push for one.  They gave her tylenol and codeine as well.    We waited and hour with her and brought her home by noon.

Time spent in the hospital on that day: 4 1/2 hours

April 7th Surgery #2- Central Line Replacement
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