April 21st Admitted to hospital

Dom was having a restless night sleeping…bursts of crying then she’d doze off- repeating this over and over again.  Finally at 3am we went to check her, gave her a bottle and then took her temperature which reached 37.9.  We took it three other times hoping it was a mistake and it would go down.  I phoned the oncologist on call at Children’s hospital who advised us to pack our bags and go to emergency.  Yeah, we were expecting this would most likely happen at some point during her chemo, but when it happens it is often worse than one would imagine and today was just that….a really rough day and a definite low point since her diagnosis.

At the hospital they took blood samples and took her temperature and blood pressure every 15 minutes leaving her little time to rest.  Her blood tests revealed an all time low of her counts and a blood transfusion was suggested in addition to antibiotics to fight her fever/infection.  We waited 4 hours in emergency before being transferred to our room.  Dom was extremely cranky and nauseated.  She vomited all over Sylvain before we went to the hospital and was extremely sick all day.  Her heart rate was quite high at times and her fever peaked to approximately 40 (close to 103).

The doctor has informed us we could be in the hospital from 5-7 days but this could change.  It takes two days for the lab to culture her blood samples to find out what kind of infection she has.  She receives antibiotics for 48 hours and then must be without fever for 24 hours prior to being released.  On top of it all,  Dom hates being away from home and sleeping in a strange place not to mention the 30 different strangers poking and proding at her today.  Sylvain is spending the first night with her since he can sleep through all sorts of hospital noise.  This would be my first night at home without Sylvain and Dominique since she was born a year ago.

Time spent in the hospital on that day: 24 hours and still counting….

April 21st Admitted to hospital
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