April 25th We’re home!

We were told about 5 different times that we were going home this morning.  I started to pack the bags when doctor Kaikov came back and said they would like to keep Dominique one day more because her ANC count is still zero.  My heart sank, and immediately I did all I could to convince him to send us home….told him how close we live to the hospital, I would take her temperature every few hours etc etc…he left to check with the other doctors and came back to tell us we could go home.  The whole discharge procedure takes over two hours.  We got a prescription of Metronidazole/ Floggyl for her stool bug called Si-Difficile which has to be given three times per day.  We were also sent home with a stool sample container to bring back to the hospital at our convenience. 

When we left the hospital and the sunshine hit Dom’s face for the first time since saturday, she woke up from snoozing on Sylvain’s shoulder and got a perma-grin on her face.  I got choked up seeing how happy she was to get out and wondered how she interprets the whole experience .  At home she crawled around & played looking so pleased to be back home.   She did a number 2 soon after getting home so we got the stool sample out of the way.  Our next appointment is tomorrow at 12:30pm for Dom to get her blood counts checked.

On a special note, we were extremely touched today to receive a stack of pledges for “Balding for Dollars”.  A friend conducted her own campaign amongst her friends and sent us a beautiful letter of support.

Thank you all for your pledges and support, it continues to make a real difference in our lives.  We will announce the final pledge tally on May 3rd when the pledges are turned in.

Time spent in the hospital on that day: 12 hours plus 20 minutes

April 25th We’re home!
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