April 26th Outpatient hospital visit

Aside from being more tired than usual, Dom has adjusted to being back home quite well.  We went for our appointment at the clinic so they could do more blood work. Her counts are still very low and she may need another platelet blood transfusion on Monday.  Despite this, the doctors are confident that her 3rd cycle of chemo will start on Wednesday. 

Dom also has a red spot on her lip which appears to be a mouth sore as a result of the Chemo.  If the sore becomes more puffy or infected then we will have to make another trip to the emergency to get her more medication.

A special special thank you to Dom’s grandma Delowski who came from Nanaimo to help out during Dom’s hosptital stay.  She spent numerous hours at Dom’s bedside, cheered us up and prevented me from going insane.

Time spent in the hospital on that day: 1 hour

April 26th Outpatient hospital visit
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