March 13th MIGB Scan #2 and More CVC Training.

We showed up for Dom’s second scan at 3pm and 30 mins later found out the camera equipment was frozen. So it was suggested we postpone until the next day. This was good because I was dreading Dominique being further terrorized by the machine…although it meant more scans the following day. We went to Oncology […]

March 18th First Day of Chemo and Other Tests

We had to be at the Hospital for 8am to have an ECG done on Dominique. I had no prior concerns regarding any challenges this test could pose. Dominique was obviously traumatized from being restrained for scans the following week, because whenever we layed her down on the table she screamed and screamed. The technician […]

March 19th 2nd Day of Chemo

Dominique did well during the actual chemo injection. Today she received Etoposide only and a hydration flush so we ended up being at the clinic for approximately 5 hours. I met a woman who worked at Holyburn Family services and we know many of the same probation officers. Her little boy has leukemia and they […]

March 20th 3rd day of Chemo

The clinic was extremely busy on this date and we could barely find a seat anywhere as we waited with Dom hooked up to her chemo treatment. We did find out, however, that a hydration flush wasn’t necessary and therefore we’d be leaving two hours earlier. Apparently a mistake was made the previous day and […]

March 22nd Some side effects

Dominique had really bad diarhea on this date. We had been giving her Ondonsetron and a potential side effect is diarhea (and constipation…go figure). She has a really bad diaper rash as a result. Time spent in the hospital on that day: 0 hour.

March 25th Blood Test – Blood Count Check

I was confident that this appointment would be brief and Dom’s levels would be fine. Quite the contrary. When the nurse attempted to draw blood from Dom’s central line…it didn’t work although it flushed ok. We were sent to X-ray to try and find out the problem, and then sent to the lab so Dom […]

March 28th Blood Test to Check Her Counts

To ease Dom’s discomfort of the blood test we first went to the oncology clinic and had some numbing cream put on her arm and waited 45 minutes for it to work. As soon as Dom sat in the chair with Sylvain she knew what was going to happen and she cried uncontrollably. Unfortunately, the […]

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