March 13th MIGB Scan #2 and More CVC Training.

We showed up for Dom’s second scan at 3pm and 30 mins later found out the camera equipment was frozen. So it was suggested we postpone until the next day. This was good because I was dreading Dominique being further terrorized by the machine…although it meant more scans the following day.

We went to Oncology for our training and were able to speak to Dr. Bond who informed us that the biological nature of the tumor is “favorable biology” which appears to place Dominique in a low risk category for Neuroblastoma. The confusing business is whether the tumor is benign or malignant. It appears with Neuroblastoma’s that this is a spectrum and Dominique falls in the middle somewhere. We chatted about chemotherapy and the possibility of starting therapy the following week. We were in the clinic a total of 3 hours and Dominique was a little angel. She made a connection with another little girl, 14 mos old who was getting her chemotherapy. We have decided to treat Dominique to some sort of a special outing on the weekend since everytime we get into the car lately it has been a trip to the hospital. It is heartbreaking to see Dominique get excited when the car is parked at the hospital because she thinks she has arrived somewhere fun.

Tomorrow will be a rough day with two separate scans. The doctor suggested we try children’s gravol to help Dom sleep during the scan.

Time spent in the hospital on that day: 3 hours.

March 13th MIGB Scan #2 and More CVC Training.
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