March 18th First Day of Chemo and Other Tests

We had to be at the Hospital for 8am to have an ECG done on Dominique. I had no prior concerns regarding any challenges this test could pose. Dominique was obviously traumatized from being restrained for scans the following week, because whenever we layed her down on the table she screamed and screamed. The technician said she would have to be sedated. Then another technician came in and tried to do a brief ultrasound on her heart and couldn’t get near her. Finally, we realized she was ok if Sylvain put the equipment near her first (good technique). Then Dominique had an audiology test to check her hearing. All because some of the chemo drugs can negatively affect her heart and hearing amongst other things.

We made our way to Oncology for her first chemo treatment. It would be a long day. 20 mins for antinausea drugs, 1 hour for Carboplatin, 2 hours Etoposide, and a 2 hour hydration flush. Dominique appeared to do fine. It snowed all day and we watched the snow accumulate through the window. We left and got home at around 5:30pm. What a long day. We picked up some antinausea drugs for Dominique called Ondansetron. 40ml cost $50!

Dominique didn’t sleep well that night she woke up coughing sounding rather nauseated so we gave her some ondansetron and brought her into bed with us.

Time spent in the hospital on that day: 9 1/2 hours.

March 18th First Day of Chemo and Other Tests
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