March 28th Blood Test to Check Her Counts

To ease Dom’s discomfort of the blood test we first went to the oncology clinic and had some numbing cream put on her arm and waited 45 minutes for it to work.

As soon as Dom sat in the chair with Sylvain she knew what was going to happen and she cried uncontrollably. Unfortunately, the technician said he couldn’t find the vein in her arm and suggested drawing a small vile from her thumb. I had him check the other arm and he still suggested it would be easier from her finger. He said “a poke is a poke”. My logic tells me that all the nerve endings are in finger. Yeah, this test was absolutely horrible. Probably ties with her first blood test in emergencv.

Her red blood counts are good though her white blood cells are really low so we have to watch for potential infection. The doctor says she has one more blood test next Wednesday and then her sugery to fix her line sometime next week. The weather was beautiful today and we took advantage. Dom and I went for a walk to granville island to feed the ducks and blow bubbles.

By the way, our time spent in hospital after one month is 75 1/2 hours!

Time spent in the hospital on that day: 2 hours.

March 28th Blood Test to Check Her Counts
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