District 13: Ultimatum Movie Review

Been a while since I posted a movie/show review and I have watched quite a few lately (well relatively speaking cause with 3 kids, you don’t get much time) so I will try to post about them.

First one was District 13: Ultimatum which is on Netflix. District 13: Ultimatum is a movie by Luc Besson (The Professional, The 5th Element, Taken, Transporter 2) which is the sequel to District B13. I had never heard of either movie and they didn’t have the original one on Netflix but figured I would give the sequel a try. Wow was I ever surprised. This movie is an action packed movie which takes place in what is supposed to be futuristic Paris of 2010 (ok it was done in 2004) where the government have decided to throw all the gangster into a ghetto, build a big wall around it and throw away the key. In the first movie, I believe you get to learn how this undercover cop teams up with a guy from the ghetto to defeat some bomb plot. The cop is a martial art expert while the ghetto guy is a parkour expert.
In this story, a group of realtors want to have the ghetto destroyed / cleaned up so they can build new towers/condos and our pair is there to reveal the conspiracy. The martial art in the show is very good. Well very much like Jackie Chan movies where he makes use of props in his fights. What sets the action apart is some of the parkour in the show. Quite amazing what they can do. I hear the first film has even better parkour stunts. Can’t wait to see it (just bought it on Amazon for $8 since I couldn’t find it anywhere). I give the movie a $8 rating.
Note the movie is in French with subtitles. The story is not that hard to figure out so not much an issue here.

District 13: Ultimatum Movie Review

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