NHL All-Star Game Weekend

I watched a little bit of the NHL All-Start game weekend. Well mostly the skills competition and part of the first period. The NHL really needs to rethink the format. This game of shinny with no intensity is just plain boring (the reason I stopped watching after 10 minutes). They need to award points for the game. Here are some suggestions:

  1. East vs West and the team that wins give 2 pts to all team in their conference. That could make a difference come president trophy time. A little bit like how it is done in baseball.
  2. Do like they used to do in the past and have the stanley cup champions play against the all star and award two points to the stanley cup champions if they win. For example, this year the Blackhawks would have played the all-star and since this year the Hawks are fighting to stay alive, they would want the 2 points. You could bet the Sedin twins and Kesler would like nothing better than for the Hawks to miss the playoffs.

Hopefully that would bring some intensity back in the game. Also was it just me but was the TV coverage of the skills competition just awful? They missed a few players hardest shot attempts, on some occasions for the accuracy shot, you couldn’t see the all the targets.

NHL All-Star Game Weekend

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