Dexter Season 4 Review

I finished watching Dexter Season 4 last night. Yes I know one year behind but we don’t get Showtime here so I have to wait for releases to go on DVD. For those that have never heard about Dexter, Dexter is a show about a blood pattern analyst working for the homicide department of the Miami police. Dexter is a serial killer that kills criminals that have escaped the justice system for one reason or another. If you like dark drama (and humour) Dexter is for you. It is obviously not for the faint of heart. If you have never watched it, I recommend starting at Season 1 as the entire show builds up upon the first season and if you are going to do that, I recommend stopping to read my review as there are a few spoilers.

Season 4 takes off about a year where Season 3 left off with Dexter being adjusting to his new life with a new baby and a family. Eventually recently retired FBI Super Agent Lundy (from Season 2) returns to Miami tracking the one serial killer that escaped him. John Lithgow plays this serial killer and it is probably one of his best and scariest performance. The look on his face was just priceless and also sent chills down my spine. Season 4 was a lot darker than the other seasons and you start to see that Dexter’s ways are not so black and white like the first 3 seasons made it seem also one thing you see in Season 4 is that Dexter is having a lot more imaginary talk with his Harry. I am not sure if they did that on purpose to signify that Dexter is starting to lose touch with reality or not but it sure expanded Dexter’s character a lot more. The final episodes are very gripping with the last episode being unbelievable. I am still in shock over the episode and I normally don’t get rattled too much. I think Season 4 is one of the best season of Dexter perhaps on the same level as Season 1. I don’t know how I should rate a TV show dollar wise but it was well worth the price of the DVD package. Well mind you I got it as a gift. 🙂

Dexter Season 4 Review

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