June 5th 1st day of cycle 4 chemo.

The clinic was very busy this morning.  It took about 45 minutes for Dominique to get all hooked up to her chemo.  Angela was in the clinic to visit us while Alexandra was having an MRI done.  There were quite a few new faces in the clinic today.  In one case a family was sent to the clinic by their family doctor with no explanation of why.  Christina, family skills worker said this happens quite frequently. 

Dominique did really well in the clinic despite all the noise and activity around her.  She managed a 45 minute nap and ate some lunch picnic style on the floor.  We met with Dr. Bond and Nurse Angie mid way through the chemo.  We had a brief reflection of the day in the ER when the X-ray showed Dominique had a tumour.  Apparently, Angie’s cousin is a nurse in the ER and remembers seeing Dominique that day.

We will be scheduled for a CT scan in the next few weeks and then the next step be it surgery or the monitor closely strategy will be decided.  I get the sense from Dr. Bond that the “monitor closely” route will be decided but we’ll have to see what the CT scan results are.  This is good because it prevents Dominique from the trauma and pain of surgery, but gives us the added longterm future stress of wondering…has the cancer grown back?  I think I would prefer it just be removed so I would know that the tumour is gone.

Dominique seems to be doing really well so far.  When we got home, she was doing laps around the house with her push walker.  More energy that her mom and dad. Our appointment is at 1:15 tomorrow and Friday as well.  I am going to bring the camera to get some photos of  Dominique in the clinic.  Hopefully, photos will be her only memory one day.

Time spent in the hospital on that day: 5.5 hours

June 5th 1st day of cycle 4 chemo.
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