Month: June 2002

June 4th ready for the final round!

Dominique had a blood test today.  Results show she’s ready for chemo tomorrow!  Our appointment is at 9:45am and we should be in the clinic for most of the day.  Tomorrow Dominique receives Carboplatin, Doxorubicin and Etoposide.  Thursday and Friday are shorter days- Dominique receives Etoposide only. Overall, Dominique has done well with this last cycle of […]

June 5th 1st day of cycle 4 chemo.

The clinic was very busy this morning.  It took about 45 minutes for Dominique to get all hooked up to her chemo.  Angela was in the clinic to visit us while Alexandra was having an MRI done.  There were quite a few new faces in the clinic today.  In one case a family was sent to the […]

June 6th Almost done!

Yesterday, after Dominique woke up from her nap, she was quite nauseated and couldn’t keep her dinner down.  She is also really frustrated because she wants her bottle but can’t drink it for some reason.  I have tried all types of cups and glasses to get any type of fluid in her.  My guess is […]

June 7th Last day of chemo!

Dominique was really tired in the clinic on this day and didn’t do any playing at all.  She spent most of the time on our lap watching videos then was curling up in a ball on the couch trying to sleep.  We went to the store ahead of time to get Dominique her congratulations balloon for her […]

June 11th a few more photos…

So far Dominique has been as expected.  I always get fooled every cycle.  I think to myself “Dominique doesn’t seem to be sick anymore…maybe I can stop giving her the anti nausea drugs” but really it is the anti nausea drugs that are preventing her from getting sick.  So I made the same error today […]

June 12th Decent results

Dominique’s blood counts are low, but high enough so she doesn’t need a transfusion.  Her ANC (ability to fight infection) is pretty much zero so we gotto try and be cautious.  Next appointment in the clinic is next wednesday June 19th to have her blood tested.  No word yet on when Dom’s CT scan will take […]

June 19th check-up

Dominique had a check up and blood test today.  Her blood counts are really low and she will get a platelet blood transfusion tomorrow morning.  She is borderline for needing a red blood cell transfusion and will hopefully get away without one.  Dominique has been so-so lately.  Really tired, and really really cranky at times.  I noticed a number […]

June 20th Transfusion

Dominique had her platelet transfusion today.  Our appointment was for 8:30am but the nurse called just before we left to tell us that the bag of platelets got punctured so a new batch would have to be ordered.  Sometimes it can take a long time to get the blood if it is not available at […]

June 21st Pale warm, and cranky

Dominique’s temperature has been on the warm side since yesterday…slowly creeping up.  Today it reached 37.4….38 is a guaranteed hospital stay.  In addition she has been very lethargic and pale and cranky.  I packed some of the baggage for the hospital last night- hoping this would jinx us in a good way.  Today I called […]

June 21st2 keeping our fingers crossed

We went to the clinic for a check up.  Dominique’s temperature is still on the high side 37.3 but low enough to keep us out of the hospital.  We will have to keep a close eye on her temperature and bring her to Emergency if she has a fever.  I put Dominique in her baby pool on […]

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