Month: June 2002

June 24th Some improvement

Dominique’s blood test today reveal that things are slowly getting back to normal.  In other words, her blood counts continue to climb.  Dominique is getting two more teeth up top and this could account for some of her crankiness lately and lack of appetite the last few days.  I’ve noticed that more  (what little is […]

June 25th CT scan appointment

Finally, we have found our time and date for Dominique’s CT scan.  Friday, June 28th at 1:30pm.  We’ll have to be at the hospital at 12:15 and Dominique will have to fast because she will be asleep under anaesthetic for the procedure.  She can’t eat any solids after midnight the night before.  She is allowed […]

June 28th CT scan & 4 month anniversary

Sylvain reminded me on the way to the hospital that it has been 4 months since Dom’s cancer diagnosis.  I did a quick calculation in my head and realized that approximately 30% of Dominique’s life has been focused on extensive testing and treatment of her illness.  I have to say, I was quite stressed for […]

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