How to Connect Your Own Router to Telus Optik TV Actiontec Router

Just got Optik TV installed and Telus upgraded my Speed Touch modem with their new Optik TV Actiontec V1000H router. I had a Linksys E2000 all configured and really didn’t feel like switching so I wanted to hook them up. Unfortunately it is not just a matter of plug and play. You have to play with configurations.

    1. Login to the Actiontec router admin panel at The default username is admin and password is telus. Note the router will likely ask you to change the default password the first time around.
    2. Disable the wireless by click on Wireless Setup and selecting “Disable” for Wireless Radio and clicking Apply. Note this step maybe optional. I’ll need to test that further.
    3. Login to your own router and change the range of IP addresses to another range. 172.16.0.x for example. On the Linksys E2000, that’s right on the first page (Setup | Basic Setup)
    4. Go back to Actiontec router admin panel and click on Firewall button at the top
    5. Click on DMZ hosting on the left
    6. Click on “Enable” on the Set the DMZ state section.
    7. Enter the IP address chosen for your own router in step 3 above under “Select device”. Leave the pull down as “Manually Enter IP”.
    8. Click Apply
    9. Connect your own router to one of the regular ports in the Actiontec router. Don’t connect to WAN port.
    10. Reboot your own router
    11. You should be all set


Note: There are likely extra reboots involved in some of those steps. Just follow the instructions from the router and do wait for those reboots to be completed before proceeding to the next step.

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How to Connect Your Own Router to Telus Optik TV Actiontec Router

41 thoughts on “How to Connect Your Own Router to Telus Optik TV Actiontec Router

  1. Just the info I was looking for thanks! My actiontec keeps giving me a blank page when I click on advanced setup, application hosting page in the firewall, etc. Tried reset, tried different browsers (Mozilla, Chrome, IE8, IE6) but still won’t bring that page up. I don’t really want another one of these crappy things – wireless range is terrible!

    A while ago I flashed it with a firmware I found on the net that allowed me to make more detailed changes to the router and that fixed the troubles for a while but now it’s gone back to doing the same thing. Flashed the firmware again but still the same problem!

    Does this allow the Linksys to perform all the firewall functions? I assume so as it’s sat in the DMZ. I want to open ports 80 and 443 to host a web server which I can’t do at the moment as the actiontec insists on using port 80 🙁

    1. Hi Jim,

      Not really. Realize that my old router sits on the DMZ and nothing else and since my old router is what used to be connected directly to the internet, there shouldn’t be any more security risk now than there was before.


  2. sylvain do you have any experience with the actiontec and streaming from your pc to a ps3? Thanks.

    1. Hi Graham,

      Well not exactly but I do a similar thing. I stream from my iMac to an Apple TV and that works fine. That being said, it is all done under my own Linksys router. That was one reason I didn’t want to switch to the Actiontec since I had everything setup the way I wanted already under the Linksys.


      1. Thanks for the info. When you use your own Linksys, do you notice a drop in speed? I assume you are on a 15 or 25mbps plan.


        1. Not really. Mind you, I didn’t run for long under the Actiontec so there could have been a drop but I get decent numbers with the setup as is so no complaining.

  3. just wondering if you have to add the ip adress for each device using the wireless to the dmz list, or will adding the wireless routers own ip adress accomplish that for each device. thanks

  4. Hi Sylvain,

    Thanks for your information. This is exactly what I am looking for! I am new to this and so this is very useful! I would like to know with this setup, can I access both Linksys E2000 and Optik TV router? To be exact, can I have two computer connecting to each router and still able to access the internet?


    1. Hi Faye,
      Yes you can. You can even use this as a way to share your internet in your house. eg you make the Optik TV router the router for your guests in your house and the Linksys the router for your important computers. By default, the computers shouldn’t see each other so your guests wouldn’t have access to say stuff on your computer.
      Personally, I turn off the wireless on the Optik TV router and just use the Linksys.

      1. Thanks Sylvain for your prompt reply. Do you know if I can use the Linksys EA3500 router? I could not find the Linksys E2000.

        1. The type of router should not make a difference. Most routers allow for the IP range to be changed and I would imagine that the EA3500 can be changed exactly like the E2000. Seems like they don’t offer the E2000 anymore.

  5. Hey Sylvain – great info – any chance you know if I can use a Time Capsule with this config? I don’t want to have to use ‘bridged mode’ on the time capsule (want to leverage all of the features) but am afraid it will complain about a double NAT with this config… thx BM

    1. I don’t know for sure but assuming time capsule and your mac is within the same network (aka hooked up to your router), there should be no reason why it wouldn’t work. I know if my Mac is on the Telus Actiontec router and my Apple TV is on my Linksys, they can’t talk to each other. They both have to be either on the Actiontec or both on the Linksys.

  6. I followed the steps. The internet was working with the dual band router. Then I went to work, came back, and the internet wasnt working threw the dual band router.
    I reset everything back to default. Followed the steps again, and the internet doesnt work threw my router. But the internet does work regularly.
    Did my router just die?

      1. I would recommend trying to isolate the issue by using only one of the routers for a bit and see if the issue follows one of them. If you have DLINK router, they tend to have a short life span of about a year or so in my experience and then they start to act flaky.

  7. I’m not sure this is working. I have my router in the DMZ, but I’m still finding ports are blocked. What’s weird is that when I check on, it says it can see the service running on that port.

    If I connect to the local machine directly from inside my Linksys router’s subnet (, all is well. This means the machine itself is allowing connections.

    If I connect to the local machine from inside the V1000H’s subnet ( by using the IP address that the V1000H has assigned to my Linksys router, all is well. This means the Linksys router is allowing connections.

    If I connect directly to my external IP address (, the port the connection is refused. This means the V1000H is still blocking that port, even though the Linksys router should be in the DMZ and all inbound connections should be sent to it without the V1000H even bothering to look at it.

    Does anybody have a problem with my logic? Have I missed something somewhere?

    Oh – and Telus tech support’s response to my questions? “You can’t have your router in the DMZ because you only have 1 IP address. You would need 2: one for the gateway (V1000H) and one for your router.” [facepalm]

    Please tell me I’ve missed something somewhere, otherwise this DMZ really isn’t a DMZ.

    Oh – and I tried turning off the DMZ and just forwarding the specific port to my Linksys router. No dice…

    1. Hi Rob,

      Have you ever got your webserver to work on the default port 80 with Telus?

  8. Telus blocks port 80 and many others. Unless you port forward it will never work, dmz or not.

    1. @anon

      –> Telus blocks port 80 and many others. Unless you port forward it will never work, dmz or not.

      How do you achieve this with port forward? I recently signed on with Telus (from Shaw prior) but I have a webserver that I want to keep running and be accessible for anyone to visit. This blocking of port 80 and others is a real deal breaker. Im not going to sign on to Telus Business just for the sake of that service enabling port 80. Real deal breaker but I may end up going back to Shaw.

    2. I don’t understand your post. If Telus ‘blocks’ port 80, at the ISP level, how can port forwarding solve anything?

  9. Here’s a list of which port telus blocks:

    I had issue port forwarding anything using an Asus RT-N66u with a Actiontec V2000H. The DMZ hosting wasn’t working for me if I did it the way Sylvain explained. So I tried with static wan ip in the asus router and dhcp reservation with mac for the asus in the actiontec, still wouldn’t work with port checker.

    So I opened all ports in the Actiontec from 1 to 65535 both tcp and udp to the static ip of my asus router. So now I can port forward with Asus like it a normal router should work.

    Have I done this the right way or have I just exposed my network wide open?

    Thank you

  10. Hi. I kind of want to do the same thing but use the Telus V1000H as the router and my WTR54G as a hub to connect two computers, wired. I set the WTR54G IP adress to the same as the V1000H router and I have turned off the wirless and the DMHC(?) on the Linksys. I plugged the ethernet cable into port one on the V1000H and then to the internet port on the WTR54G but I still have no internet in the two computers. Is there something I need to do in the configurations on the Telus router? Do I even have it wired correctly?

    1. You cannot set the linksys to the same IP as the actiontec. Disabling DHCP is good if you want it to function as a switch – just change it to an IP within the subnet of the Actiontec. What you have done is create a conflict – this will not let you do what you want to do.

  11. I am trying to set up a home website using the v1000h modem. I talked to Telus and asked them numerous times if they block ports, and they keep telling me no. However, I am unable to get port forwarding to work on port 80. Any suggestions?

  12. I was able to add my Netgear WNDR3700v2 router to the Telus Optik Actiontec router, without the DMZ configuration. I disabled the Actiontec wireless radio signal as you had suggested and simply conncted them with an Ethernet cable. Now my test speeds have gone up from about 12 Mbps to closer to 15 Mbps on Optik high speed.

    1. Sheldon, I too have a Netgear WNDR3700v2 connected to my Optik box, but I use it as a remote access point – I leave the Actiontec wireless live, and create different SSIDs on the Netgear for me to connec to specifically to use 5G devices. One thing that I had to do when the Netgear was connected to the Actiontec was to go into Internet Settings, and have the Netgear use (the Actiontec) as the DNS server. Otherwise, I could not get the Internet from the Netgear, nor could I see any of my other computers on the LAN unless they were also connected to the Netgear. This step of setting the DNS to the Actiontec is not well-documented on the internet, so perhaps this little addition to the blogosphere will help someone else out. Did you have to perform the same modification when your Netgear was added to the Actiontec?

      1. One other thing I found confusing:

        When I connected the Netgear to a switch (or hub) that was already connected to the Actiontec, I did not have to do anything to the Netgear to see the Internet, or the other computers on the LAN. I would love to know why this is, as it does not make any sense to me at all. Why would the switch / hub provide DNS functionality automatically while the Actiontec would not?

  13. A netgear wireless router acts as a gateway as well as a wireless access point that allows connections from multiple devices over the network. Using your Netgear wireless router as a gateway makes it possible to connect computers and devices to your high speed internet connection.

  14. Will this set up work if I wanted to make use of the routers advance feature such as enabling access to certain sites for a schedule?


  15. When I do this, will I be able to use the access control on my 3rd party router.

    I want to be able to use my DLINK router and be able to use the built in access control on the DLINK.


  16. This post actually creates ‘double NAT’ in your LAN/WAN setup.

    DMZ only allows your own router to avoid any port blocks on the Telus Gateway.

    Bad for programs(gaming) that need to be able to communicate with the Internet in a specific way.

    ‘Bridge’ your own router(Telus gateway hands out IP’s). And use your modems wireless/ports for your LAN setup.

  17. need advice how I can use my IP camera ( at home as I have newly changed to TELUS Actiontech v1000h router. I did log into the telus admin portal via . Go to Firewall…go to Port Forwarding…then include the IP address and port (for Tenvis camera). but still failed.

    please help

    1. Hi, I had this problem with the Panasonic BLC 30. The default port number is usually 80 factory set. When configuring your camera you have to change your your port number number to a number like 50009. You may have to go into your router and allow port forwarding with some cameras putting in the port number It has been awhile since i had to do it his way there are better cameras out ther now that you should not have to do this. The default port 80 is just so you can set up your camera this has to be changed. For a example you would type http:192.168.1.x the x would be the other number of your camera not a x after the last number you would type: then the new port number. The 192. ip number is for just local that meaning being in your house but you should be able to use it on another computer away from your house. I have to use 2 different ip numbers. For Internet access i had to set up the Panasonic camera for internet access for my iphone. I had done this for my cell phone before the security companies had done this, to view the inside of my house through my cell phone and being able to move the lens of the camera just by tapping the face of the Iphone left right or up or down.So try this open a web browser like safari which i found worked on my iphone others only showed a still image. But he 192. ip typed on another computer to view your camera should work away from your house. Remember it is the port number that you have to change from 80 to another you decide that port number when setting up your camera. The 192. should not have to be changed so use the ip number that is showing if it starts with 192. but change the port number. You may have to power the camera off for 10 seconds and back on again after making these settings. You also i forgot have to use a Username and a password for your camera for security reasons.

  18. My Wireless Linksys router didn’t work when just plugged in, so I called Telus. They suggested plugging it into port 4 on the router, and that gave better results. Then, changing the local IP address of the router, from to (Basic setup tab) and it works flawlessly.

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