iMovie 11 Trailer Feature

I just received the disc for iLife 11 and wanted to try out the new trailer feature in iMovie 11 to see what the fuss was all about.

While holding my new born daughter in one hand, I was able to produce this in about 15-20 minutes (well I did tweak it for another 20 minutes but the bulk of the trailer was done in 15-20 minutes)

Pretty neat I think. Now I suspect it is going to be a fad and there will be tons of trailers done for a while and then die off. Personally I would have preferred to have them include more themes into iMovie 11. Now they did add 3 new ones but really I want to have more like 10-20 to choose from. Actually it would be very nice if people could create their own themes and publish them for others to use.

iMovie 11 Trailer Feature

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