World Cup Pool Update July 7th – Emrah wins

All right, the finals are set. Since no one picked Netherlands to win and Emrah1 is currently leading and he picked Spain to win, he will win the $180. I will leave till Friday for anyone to prove me wrong. Results Germany 0 : 1 Spain Uruguay 2 : 3 Netherlands Upcoming matches Match for […]

Last World Cup Pool Update

ok I know I am over a week late but I was on holidays last week. I got to watch the finals in a “lounge” at a McDonalds in Woodburn OR. Good thing my kids were enjoying the play area. Well as expected, there was not going to be any changes at the top but […]

Samuel L Jackson Hockey Coach Chelios

John sent me this: Pretty funny. Reminds me of the post I did back in 2002 comparing European hockey to NHL hockey using Pulp Fiction script. Update: ok thanks for Blogger I was able to find my old posts I’ve been enjoying watching olympic hockey the last few days even when Canada got tumped by […]

Hockey Night in Canada Going 3D!

I guess it was just a matter of time but Hockey Night in Canada is going 3D. I always thought that sports would be a good use of 3D. More so than movies. You put the proper headset on and you can more or less feel like you are in the stands. Very cool. Give […]

NHL All-Star Game Weekend

I watched a little bit of the NHL All-Start game weekend. Well mostly the skills competition and part of the first period. The NHL really needs to rethink the format. This game of shinny with no intensity is just plain boring (the reason I stopped watching after 10 minutes). They need to award points for […]

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