Month: July 2010

World Cup Pool Update July 5th

Pool has been updated. Some changes at the top but now Emrah has pretty much wrapped it up. I say pretty much cause perhaps I miscalculated somewhere. Results: Uruguay 1 (4) : 1 (2) Ghana Netherlands 2 : 1 Brazil Paraguay 0 : 1 Spain Argentina 0 : 4 Germany Upcoming matches: Uruguay vs. Netherlands […]

World Cup Pool Update July 7th – Emrah wins

All right, the finals are set. Since no one picked Netherlands to win and Emrah1 is currently leading and he picked Spain to win, he will win the $180. I will leave till Friday for anyone to prove me wrong. Results Germany 0 : 1 Spain Uruguay 2 : 3 Netherlands Upcoming matches Match for […]

OpenStreetMap Plugin

A friend of mine introduced me to OpenStreetMap (OSM) a while back. OpenStreetMap is much like Google Maps when Google Maps first started, the one difference is that it is operated by the public much like Wikipedia is. In that manner, the maps are more up to date then say Google Maps cause they get […]

Google Chops Nexus One

Seems like Google is chopping the Nexus One. Now I was always skeptical about the whole Android thing since specially it was like Google showing the finger to all their partners (Motorola, HTC, and others) that had chosen Android as their platform of choice but I am quite surprised that they killed it after only […]

Last World Cup Pool Update

ok I know I am over a week late but I was on holidays last week. I got to watch the finals in a “lounge” at a McDonalds in Woodburn OR. Good thing my kids were enjoying the play area. Well as expected, there was not going to be any changes at the top but […]

Video of Our Trip Cannon Beach 2010

Since we got a new toy (Canon SX20 IS), we took some video and lot of pictures of your recent trip to Cannon Beach in Oregon. Here is the resulting video: Now I will credit the movie The Beach for the inspiration with using the song Porcelain from Moby for the video.

Earls Not What It Used to Be

I drove by Earls on Fir and Broadway on Friday and noticed the nice line up of cars in their parking lot In case you don’t see it well, there is a Porsche Cayenne (bit cut off), Porsche 911 (or is that a Boxster?), Mercedes, BMW 3 Series, and a Lamborghini. I didn’t realized Earls […]

I Am Starving…

Been on a low carb diet since last week. Now it is not really a real no carb diet but a low version that I made up. Essentially I don’t eat any potatoes, rice, bread, cereal, and desserts. After a meal, I am quite nicely satisfied but about an hour before the next meal, I […]

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