March 8th One day after Biopsy

I didn’t sleep well without little Dominique at home. I kept having knee jerk dreams where I would suddenly awake and think “oh my god, Dominique has cancer and is in ICU right now”. I guess that’s the body’s way of absorbing the shock. At 6am I was getting antsy to get to the hospital.

When we arrived, Dom was sleeping and awoke about 30 mins later. When she heard mumma’s voice she started crying…as to say “why am I here, I’m not enjoying this, get me out of here” To say the least it broke my heart as I tried to console her and sing her songs. She cheered up for a little while and was interested in books. At about 11am, the doctor came in to remove the chest tube. Also the other I.V.s were removed at some point in time. Dom appreciated having less baggage hanging from her limbs. We learned at around noon we would be moved out of ICU to the 3rd floor post operative unit and would get out the next day.

Dom was suddenly doing really well and was up and playing in her crib prior to us all crashing for a nap. Then the surgeon came to chat with us and informed us Dom was doing so well that we could go home. We just had to make arrangements for weekend care for Dom’s central line since we hadn’t yet received instruction on how to do it ourselves. I was happy that we would be leaving the hospital.

Time spent in the hospital on that day: 10 hours

March 8th One day after Biopsy
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